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FORESTRY PRODUCTS - We specialize in all timber / forestry products such as lumber, sawn timber, wood pulp and paper, plywood and medium density fibreboard (MDF). 
When it comes to these types of unitized and palletized cargo, we pay a great deal of attention to the stow. Little expense is spared in the loading, lashing, securing and dunnaging materials used so as to preserve cargo in its original condition and to prevent the cargo from damages.

STEEL PRODUCTS – Coils, pipes, plates and structures are a major component in the Liner Service to the Middle East. As with the forestry products, similar care is taken as to ensure correct and proper stow with minimal risk of damage to cargo.  

PROJECT CARGO – As the Middle East expands its infrastructure programs so too does the demand for the carriage of project cargoes such as fabricated steelworks, steel structures, plant equipment and machinery. Our skilled operators and supercargoes constantly develop innovative new techniques for efficient and safe stows and have won the confidence and approval of many of our clients over the years.      

In addition to the above we are also taking RO-RO cargoes such vehicles, earth moving equipment etc. 

BAGGED CARGO – Whilst playing a reducing role in the liner trade bagged cargoes such as rice and sugar, are still carried on regular monthly sailings to both Persian/Arabian Gulf and Red Sea ports.



FREQUENCY - Monthly sailings to Persian/Arabian Gulf, Red Sea and East Med. Advantageous to many of our clients is the fact that our sailings are direct to Persian/Arabian Gulf, Red Sea and East Med without transshipment. This  makes OAL a reliable, leading liner operator in this market. 

QUALITY CARGO HANDLING - With years of loading experience we have continuously built up excellent customer relations, earning their trust and confidence through our material handling methods, ensuring safety, condition and timeous delivery of cargo. 

COMPETITIVE FREIGHT – With a substantial market share and a strong commercial team we pride ourselves on our market awareness. We offer our clients competitive and market related freight rates with a view to establishing a long term relationships. 

LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS - We can also provide inland transportation for our local clients as well as for receivers/consignees at destination ports. 

QUALITY ASSURANCE - The vessels we provide in our liner trade are normally entered with a classification society which is a member of IACS (Int’l Association of Classification Societies) and are covered for third party liability including cargo damage, with one of the leading P&I Clubs.

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